How do I upload a profile picture to my account?

You can upload a profile picture to your CoinCorner account using the mobile app. The CoinCorner app can be downloaded for free on iOS and the Google Play store. A profile picture can help people recognise that an account belongs to you, and also adds a nice personal touch. 


The process to set a profile picture is as follows:

1. Download the app from your respective App Store



2. Login to the app with your CoinCorner login details



3. Open the Menu by tapping the three lines in the top left corner.



4. Tap on Settings in the Menu



5. Choose between taking a picture using your phone camera (by tapping the camera) or choosing a picture from your photo library.



6. Submit your picture to us by tapping Save Picture.



Please note, we may reject your picture if it does not meet the specifications that can be found on the CoinCorner website on the Terms of Use page in Section 13.

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