Why can't I deposit/withdraw via GBP bank transfer?



In recent weeks our GBP bank transfer deposit and withdrawal services have been unavailable. As our bank is based in Europe it requires a GBP correspondent bank in order to process GBP deposits and withdrawals. Our bank are currently in the process of changing that GBP correspondent bank, hence the reason we are currently unable to offer these services.


How long until GBP bank services will be available?

Unfortunately as we are completely reliant on 3rd parties, we are unable to commit to a time frame as to when GBP bank services will be available again. We can assure you that, as GBP is our base currency, we also want a speedy resolution to this issue.

We are looking at alternative methods of GBP withdrawal for our clients, and we are hoping to have this in place by the end of Q1 2018.


How can I deposit/withdraw my money?

In the meantime users can continue to deposit and withdraw via EUR bank transfer. To deposit in EUR, fill out the form on the EUR Bank Deposit page to be returned our bank details so you can instruct your bank to send the transfer in EUR. GBP card deposits also remain unaffected.


Can I withdraw my GBP balance in EUR?

Unfortunately, as we do not hold a money transmission licence, we are unable to directly convert EUR to GBP and vice versa. This means we are unable to accept EUR withdrawals from users with a GBP balance as we are not permitted to convert it.

You can withdraw a EUR balance to your GBP bank account and your bank will convert this to GBP upon receipt at a rate set by them, they may also charge a fee for this. Please contact them for more advice in this regard.

If you have a BTC balance you wish to sell and then withdraw in fiat at this time, please do so in EUR.


How can I withdraw my GBP balance?

If you hold a GBP balance that you wish to withdraw, these are two options available to you at this time:

  1. Purchase BTC, sell for EUR and then withdraw via EUR bank transfer.
  2. Purchase BTC, send to another Exchange that offers GBP bank withdrawals, and withdraw there.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that our GBP bank services will resume in the near future. If you wish to be notified when GBP bank services become available again, please register your interest with an email to support@coincorner.com.

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