When will I need to verify my account?

Account Verification is a necessary process that all users must complete once passing the personalised deposit threshold visible in the sidebar on their account. Despite the threshold we reserve the right to request Account Verification documents from all users at any time. A failure to comply and provide the requested documents may delay or prevent further use of our Services.

In some instances we may require you to verify your account prior to hitting the threshold due to your account being flagged by one of our automated fraud and risk processes. We apologise if your account was inadvertently flagged, however we do still require you to complete the Account Verification process before you can regain access to your account.


How do I complete the Verification process?

To complete the Account Verification process you must login to your account and upload the following when prompted:

  1. 1 proof of identity document
  2. 1 proof of address document

Some users may also be required to upload a selfie of yourself holding your proof of identity document and a handwritten note stating 'CoinCorner'.

Further information about our Account Verification process can be found in Clauses 2 and 3 of our Terms of Use.

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