How can I increase my card deposit limit?

All accounts have a daily card deposit limit, and while you will be unable to deposit once they have been met you may be eligible to have this limit increased. The process for increasing your limit is different depending on whether your account has been verified or not.

Non-Verified Accounts

If you have not yet completed our Account Verification process, you will not be eligible for a deposit limit increase.

Each user has a personalised deposit threshold that, once hit, will automatically push them to complete the Verification process. Your daily deposit limit will be reviewed during this process, and may be increased by our Account Review team. 

If you would like to increase your deposit limit prior to hitting this threshold, you can push yourself to complete the Verification process in the sidebar of your account.


Verified Accounts

Even after you have verified your account you may be eligible to have your deposit limit increased further. If you would like our team to conduct a limits review on your account please email requesting this.

Please note that your request for a higher deposit limit may be declined if your limit is at the maximum permitted for your account.



It is not possible to increase the number of successful transactions you are allowed, only the amount which you can deposit.

A card limit review could result in your limit being decreased.

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