Verifying my account

Eventually all users will be required to complete our Account Verification process. Completing this process is required, and if you are unable or unwilling to verify your account after you have been pushed to do so you will be unable to continue using our services.

Sometimes your account may be flagged by our system and you will have to complete Account Verification before depositing, we apologise if your account is flagged inadvertently but you will have to complete the Account Verification process all the same.


You will be faced with our Verification page, where there are different sections for each stage of verification you will need to complete.

You can make changes to the information you gave us when registering in the 'Registration' dropdown, and opening up any of the remaining dropdowns will take you through the steps to verify your account.


Verifying my identity


Open the 'Photo Identity' dropdown by clicking on the downward arrow. You can then choose the type of document you are uploading by clicking one of the icons. 

Click 'Choose File' to select your image from your documents and upload it.

Save your progress when done.

More information on verifying your identity can be found here.


Verifying my address


The process for verifying your address is the same. First open the dropdown, choose the type of document you are uploading and upload it by clicking 'Choose File'.

Don't forget to save your progress!

More information on verifying your address can be found here.


Submitting a selfie


You won't always be required to upload a selfie to complete the Account Verification process, however there are a number of CoinCorner processes where you may be asked to do so. 

Take a picture of yourself following the guide you will see on the screen and upload it by clicking 'Choose File'.

Save your progress and click 'Submit Application' to send your upload(s) to our team to be reviewed.


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