Buying and selling bitcoin

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CoinCorner customers can buy and sell bitcoin in the Exchange tab in the sidebar of their account. To buy bitcoin you will need to fund your account in GBP/EUR first in the Deposit now or Receive tab. 


Buying bitcoin

You can buy bitcoin in the Buy tab of the Exchange page on your account. Your GBP/EUR balance will be automatically debited after a successful buy, and the BTC amount bought will be immediately added to your BTC balance.

You can hold your bitcoin with CoinCorner or send it elsewhere to take the custody of your funds into your own hands, a guide on how to withdraw BTC to a different wallet can be found here.


Selling bitcoin

You can sell bitcoin in the Sell tab of the Exchange page. Your BTC balance will be automatically debited after a successful sell, and the GBP/EUR equivalent will be immediately credited to your GBP/EUR balance.

Please ensure you sell for the correct currency if planning to withdraw in GBP/EUR, as we cannot convert your funds from one to the other.

You can find a guide on how to withdraw your GBP/EUR balance here.


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