How do I buy or sell Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin

Before you can buy Bitcoin you will first need to fund your account with GBP/EUR via one of our deposit methods listed here.

Once you have funded your GBP/EUR balance you can then buy Bitcoin on our Buy/Sell page. Your fiat balance will be automatically debited and your Bitcoin balance automatically credited with your funds.

More information on our deposit methods can be found here.


Selling Bitcoin

As well as buying Bitcoin we do also offer our users the ability to sell their Bitcoin on our site. Head over to the Buy/Sell page and go to the 'Sell tab'. Again, your Bitcoin balance will be automatically debited and your fiat balance automatically credited.

Our GBP bank services are currently unavailable, so if you are selling with the intention of withdrawing then we would recommend doing so for EUR.

Information on withdrawing your CoinCorner fiat balance can be found here.


Need more guidance? Feel free to get in touch with our Support team by submitting a query on our Contact Us page.

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