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What is CoinCorner?

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We are CoinCorner, a cryptocurrency Exchange located on the Isle of Man.

We were brought about by a simple problem, wanting to buy Bitcoin online in the UK from a source that could be trusted. Since our inception in 2014 we have been providing a simple and unobtrusive Bitcoin buying experience for our users, and we now provide our services to a large number of countries worldwide. 

We provide our users with wallet services and a means of buying, selling, sending, receiving and storing Bitcoin, as well as buying and selling Ethereum and Litecoin. We also offer a number of other products and services such as the world first Bolt Card, a bitcoin cashback service and Lightning Network bitcoin withdrawals.


CoinCorner is a leading Exchange in terms of trust, security and reliability. While we strive to provide an easy Bitcoin buying and selling experience, we also operate to the Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer standards that is expected of a Designated Business that is overseen by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.


Want to know more about us? We have been mentioned in a number of articles by large, reputable news outlets including Bloomberg, The Independent and the BBC to name a few.


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