How do I keep my account secure?

With hacking an ever increasing issue online, below are some tips on how to keep your account secure.


Customer Support

CoinCorner staff will never ask for your password, two-factor authentication codes or other login credentials, nor will we never ask you to install remote login or remote support software on your computer or device.

If anyone claiming to be associated with CoinCorner requests this information then please Contact Us immediately.

Only contact CoinCorner by emailing or via our Contact Us page. Fake customer service numbers and pages are on the increase, so please be sure to verify any information you find on forums, social media and online adverts.


Password Security

Use a complex and unique password that is not shared or similar to any you use on any other websites. Click here for some advice on creating a strong password. It's also a good idea to change your password periodically (about every 3 months) and use a completely new password each time.

A CoinCorner employee will never ask you for your password, so please never disclose your password to anyone.


Two-Factor Authentication

Adding an extra layer of security to your account, two-factor authentication (or 2FA for short) gives you the edge in keeping your account secure. Google Authenticator is a software-based authenticator that randomly generates a 6 digit numeric code every 30 seconds. With this enabled on your account anyone accessing it will need to have access to the device Google Authenticator is installed on along with your email address and password.

Google Authenticator is available to download for free on AndroidiOS and BlackBerry OS. A guide on how to set 2FA up on your account can be found here.


Account Notifications

You can enable account notification emails in your Settings that will send you an automated email whenever one of the following actions is performed on your account:

  • A successful login
  • An unsuccessful login attempt
  • A successful buy 
  • A successful sell

Account notification emails can be turned on or off in your Settings area, however we would recommend having the login emails enabled at least. The Login Success email contains a link that can be clicked to block your account if you believe there was an unauthorised login. To unlock your account you will then need to get in touch with our Support team.


Beware of Phishing

Phishing is the fraudulent act of sending emails imitating a person or company in an attempt to get individuals to give personal information such as login details away. This is a common way that people's accounts are compromised, so please exercise caution and do not click any links on an email unless you are positive that it is legitimate.

We will never send you an email requesting information such as your password, 2FA code or anything along those lines. If you receive any emails that appear to be from us that you are not comfortable with then let us know by emailing and a member of the team will take a look for you.


You should ensure that your password and account details are kept private and secure as you are responsible for any transactions on your account where the correct security information has been provided.


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