What do I do if my account is compromised?

If you have any suspicion that your account may have been accessed without your authorisation (hacked), the following are some suggested actions to take:

  1. Change your password here. We would recommend choosing a complex and unique password that is not shared or similar to those that you use on another website.
  2. Consider changing the password of your email account. It is often through having access to your emails that hackers can gain access to your other accounts.
  3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account to give an extra layer of security. A guide on how to do so can be found here.

If you have notification emails enabled you can temporarily lock your account by clicking the link in the Login Success email, this will freeze your account and will require you to Contact Us to unlock it. You can turn notification emails on in your Settings area.


What to do if funds have been removed from your account

  1. Report your loss to your local police station or ActionFraud.
  2. Contact Us to let us know.

When you report the incident to us it would be helpful if you could provide the following information relating to the unauthorised account access and removal of your funds, all of which can be found on your Dashboard:

  • Login time and date
  • Login IP address
  • Bitcoin transaction ID
  • Amount
  • Wallet address the funds were sent to

Please note that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible so it will not be possible for us to cancel or retrieve a bitcoin transaction, and in most cases it is unlikely that the police will be able to recover your funds. It is still important to report your loss as the information you provide may help catch the criminals or prevent further crimes from taking place.


Keeping your account secure

As the account holder you are responsible for all transactions on your account where the correct security information has been provided to gain access to the account. 

Click here for some tips on how to keep your account secure.


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