I've lost access to my email address, how do I change it?

There are a number of processes within our website that will require us to get in touch with you via email, as this is the case you will need to have access to your registered email address. If you don't then you can change your registered email address by following the steps below:


Step One: Email our support team

Get in touch with our support team at support@coincorner.com. We understand you won't be able to email from your registered email address if you don't have access, so please email from your 'new' email address. Our support team will take you through the process to update your email address.


Step Two: Respond with SMS code

Our support team will send you a code by SMS, let them know the code you received to verify your identity. 


Step Three: Login as normal

If you give them the correct code our support team will update your email address to the address you would like, you can then head to the login page and login as normal using your new email address.


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