How do I sell Bitcoin?

Users are able to sell their Bitcoin balance for GBP/EUR whenever convenient, and a guide on how to do so on both the website and mobile app can be found below:


Selling Bitcoin on the CoinCorner website

CoinCorner users can sell their Bitcoin either on our website or on our mobile app, the process for selling on the website is as follows:


Step One: Login your account

Click here to go to our login page, or here to sign up.



Step Two: Go to the Buy/Sell page

Make your way to our Buy/Sell page, you can sell Bitcoin for both GBP and EUR here. As mentioned earlier, if planning on withdrawing funds please ensure you sell your funds for the correct currency for the withdrawal method you want to use.



Step Three: Complete your Sell order

Go into the Sell tab, select 'BTC Wallet' using the 'From' dropdown and choose the currency you want to sell for using the 'To' dropdown.

Enter either the amount you want to receive in GBP/EUR or the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell in the corresponding box in the 'Amount' section.

Check the transaction breakdown on the right hand side of the screen and, when happy  to proceed, click 'Sell BTC'.



Selling Bitcoin on the mobile app

The CoinCorner app can be downloaded from both the iOS and Android app stores. The process for selling using the app is as follows:


Step One: Login to the mobile app

Login to the mobile app with your usual details, if you have forgotten your 4 digit passcode you can find out how to reset it here.


Step Two: Go to the Sell tab

Make your way to the Buy & Sell tab by tapping the icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen.


Step Three: Complete the Sell order

Tap the 'Sell' box at the top of the screen. Choose the currency you want to sell for by tapping GBP and choosing either that or EUR, and enter the amount you want to receive by tapping '£0.00' and typing the amount.

Alternatively choose the crypto you want to sell by tapping BTC and choosing the relevant crypto, and enter the amount of that coin you want to sell by tapping 0.00000000 and typing the amount.

Filling out either of these fields will automatically populate the other with the corresponding amount.


Sell Fees and Limits

Amount Fee Limits (min-max)
Less than or equal to 10 GBP/EUR 1 GBP/EUR 5 GBP/EUR - No limit
More than 10 GBP/EUR or equal to 25 GBP/EUR 1.50 GBP/EUR
More than 25 GBP/EUR or equal to 50 GBP/EUR 2 GBP/EUR
More than 50 GBP/EUR or equal to 300 GBP/EUR 3 GBP/EUR
More than 300 GBP/EUR 1%*

* Fee deducted in fiat


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