How do I verify my account?

At some point all users will have to complete the Account Verification process to continue using our site. You can deposit up to a personalised Account Verification limit before being automatically pushed to complete the Account Verification process. 

Once you exceed your pre-verification deposit threshold your account will be automatically pushed to complete the verification process, or you can push yourself to verify early by clicking the red 'Unverified' button in your sidebar.


To complete Account Verification you will need to provide us with the following:


Proof of identity

We will need you to provide us with a Government issued form of photographic identity. A list of documents that we can accept as proof of identity can be found here

Drivers licences and national identity cards that contain your address may be used as your proof of identity or proof of address, but cannot be uploaded for both.


Proof of address

We will also need you to provide us with a document that states your current residential address. A list of documents that we accept as proof of address can be found here.

Again, if your driving licence or national identity card states your address we can accept that as your proof of address, but it can't be used to verify both your identity and address.



In some instances you will be asked to upload a selfie. For this to be approved please upload an image of yourself holding your proof of identity document and a handwritten note that states a random number that is given to you on the Verification page.

More information on selfies can be found here.



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