What deposit methods are available?

Before buying Bitcoin on the CoinCorner website you will need to fund your account in GBP/EUR. Lucky for you we have three different methods available for depositing fiat currency, all with their own merits.

You can see each of our deposit methods, and a little bit of added information, below:


Method Admin Fee Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Per Day Limit


Credit/debit card 2.5%*



Variable** Variable** Instant

GBP bank transfer

UK - £1.00

International - £25.00

UK - £5.00

International - £30.00

No limit No limit

UK - 1 to 3 working days

International - 1 to 5 working days

EUR bank transfer No fee €5.00 No limit No limit

1 to 3 working days







1 per 24 hours Instant

* on deposits under £/€2000

** dependent on personalised Account Verification limit


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