Why can't I deposit/withdraw by GBP bank transfer?



Our GBP bank services are currently unavailable. As we bank in Europe our bank requires a correspondent bank to send and receive GBP payments, but they are currently in the midst of changing their correspondent GBP bank. We are unable to process any deposits or withdrawals unless they have been sent or requested in EUR. 


How long until GBP services will be resumed?

Unfortunately we are completely reliant on our bank to sort this, so we are unable to give a time frame as to when we expect GBP services to be back up and running. 

We are looking into alternative methods of GBP withdrawal for our users, you can register your interest in this by contacting support@coincorner.com.


How can I deposit/withdraw?

To deposit in EUR, simply head to the EUR Bank Deposit page. You can also request a EUR withdrawal on our Withdrawal page. More information on how to do each can be found here and here.

GBP card deposits also remain unaffected.


Can I withdraw my GBP balance in EUR?

Unfortunately we can't directly convert your GBP to EUR funds as this would require us to hold a money transmission licence, which we don't have. We cannot accept EUR withdrawals from users with a GBP balance as we are not permitted to convert the funds.

You can withdraw in EUR to a GBP bank account, your bank will simply convert the funds from EUR to GBP before they credit them to your account.

If you have a Bitcoin balance with us at this time we would ask that you sell for EUR if you have the intention of withdrawing.


How can I withdraw my GBP balance?

If you have a GBP balance that you would like to withdraw at this time, your only options are as follows:

  1. Purchase Bitcoin, sell for EUR and request a EUR withdrawal.
  2. Purchase Bitcoin, send to another Exchange that offers GBP withdrawals and withdraw there.


We apologise for any inconvenience, and we hope to have an alternative in place as soon as we can. If you wish to be notified when our GBP services are resumed, you can register your interest with an email to our support team.


Need more guidance? Feel free to get in touch with our Support team by submitting a query on our Contact Us page.

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