Buy fees and limits

Below is a list of fees and limits associated with buying Bitcoin on our site:


Amount Fee Limits (min-max)
Less than or equal to 10 GBP/EUR 1 GBP/EUR 5 GBP/EUR - No limit
More than 10 GBP/EUR or equal to 25 GBP/EUR 1.50 GBP/EUR
More than 25 GBP/EUR or equal to 50 GBP/EUR 2 GBP/EUR
More than 50 GBP/EUR or equal to 300 GBP/EUR 3 GBP/EUR
More than 300 GBP/EUR 1%*

* Fee deducted in fiat

You can see the fees associated with selling Bitcoin here, and a full list of our fees and limits here.


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