How do my clients pay an invoice?

CoinCorner Checkout allows your customers to pay for your goods or services in Bitcoin, and this is done by sending them an invoice. Invoices can be sent and paid via email or via a link. The process for paying an invoice via email is as follows:


Step One: Check your emails

Our system automatically sends the invoice to the email address entered by the merchant on the Create Invoice page. The invoice should arrive in your inbox within a few minutes. Click Pay Invoice to begin the process.



Step Two: Enter the wallet address on the Send/Receive page

You will be presented with the merchant's CoinCorner receiving wallet address, as well as the amount of Bitcoin you need to send and how long you have left to pay it. The Bitcoin price is locked in place for 10 minutes after Pay Invoice is clicked.

Enter the merchant's CoinCorner wallet address on the Send page of your wallet, and send the stated amount to that wallet address. You can also scan the QR code rather than copy and paste the address.




Step Three: Payment complete

Once the Bitcoin has been sent you will be notified on the invoice that the payment is complete. The merchant will be able to see the funds have been sent on the Orders page.



The process is the same if an invoice is sent via link. Copy and paste the link into your search bar and complete the steps above.


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