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Our Auto Buy service allows users to fund their account with a GBP bank transfer that will be used to automatically buy bitcoin once received. 

Auto Buys can be combined with a standing order on your bank account to take all the manual processes out of buying bitcoin. Create a standing order to our bank details, with your auto buy reference attached, and you can buy bitcoin on your CoinCorner account automatically with no manual input as often as you like.


To set up an Auto Buy you will need to click 'Deposit now' in the bottom left of the sidebar of your account and go into the Auto Buy tab. 


Arrange the transfer of the funds from your bank to the details given on the website (if you have an eMoney account the beneficiary will be your own name), and ensure your reference states your Auto Buy reference number which will begin with 'DCA'. Any intended auto buys that arrive without this reference will be credited to your account but won't be used to auto buy.


We can only credit bank deposits to personal accounts if the funds arrive from a personal bank account in your name. Please don't try and auto buy from a third party or business bank account if you hold a personal CoinCorner account.


Auto Buy on the app

To set up your Auto Buy on the mobile app all you need to do is open the app and go to the Receive tab. Select the Recurring Buy option and you will be returned our bank details and your auto buy reference. 


Head to your bank or online/mobile banking app and arrange for the transfer of the funds to those details with your unique reference and the funds will be credited and used to Auto Buy bitcoin when received in our bank account. To set up a recurring bitcoin buy on your CoinCorner account you will just need to set up a standing order with your bank to the details provided.


Fees and limits

There is no deposit fee when Auto Buying, but you will be subject to our standard 1% buy fee. The maximum deposit amount that can be used to Auto Buy is £12,000.


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