Earn Bitcoin

We have recently launched a new product that gives our users an opportunity to earn Bitcoin rewards when shopping online. Similar to traditional cashback sites we have partnered with a number of online retailers so our users can get cashback on online purchases, but rather than receiving cash, you'll receive Bitcoin! 

Earn Bitcoin makes adding to your Bitcoin holdings easier than ever before by partnering with some of the UK's biggest online retailers such as Burton, Schuh, Curry's PC World and many more. Furthermore our directory is constantly being added to, so you may find your favourite retailer on there at some point in the future.

You can get started earning Bitcoin back from your online purchases by following the guide below:


1) Login to your account



2) Click the Earn Bitcoin tab in the sidebar of your account



3) Search our directory of retailers and click 'Shop' to follow a link to their site



4) Wait to be redirected and shop as normal



The retailer will pay us when you make a purchase on their site. Once we've received that we will quickly convert it to Bitcoin, credit that to your CoinCorner account and drop you an email to let you know. 

The amount of Bitcoin you can earn back is stated in the directory and depends on the amount that each retailer is offering. You can click the 'i' button on each retailer for more details on what they are offering and for the average payment time for your cashback to be received, this can vary from retailer to retailer.


After clicking through to a retailer's website from the directory a cookie will be saved on your device. Please ensure you click through and buy on the same device to earn Bitcoin back on a purchase, switching devices may result in your purchase not being recorded and therefore not eligible for cashback.


More information on the Earn Bitcoin process can be found here, or feel free to email support@coincorner.com if you have any questions.

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