Inactive Account Fees

What is an 'Inactive Account'?

If you haven't logged into your CoinCorner account for over 24 consecutive months, your account status will be deemed 'inactive'.

Inactive accounts incur a fee, but don't worry, it's not a high fee and it can be easily avoided!


What will I be charged and when?

For inactive accounts that still have a balance, we'll begin charging a £10* monthly fee to cover ongoing account maintenance costs until the account reaches zero. 

* £10 or the EUR/crypto equivalent


How can I avoid being charged the monthly fee?

Every month that your account is inactive, we'll get in touch via email to give notice that your account is about to be charged the inactivity fee in 30 days time, along with details of how to prevent the fee from being charged.

It's easy to avoid being charged the inactive account fee. There are a couple of options available:

  • Simply login (either on the CoinCorner website or the mobile app) to reactivate your account
  • Withdraw your account balance(s) to reach zero*

* in addition, you may apply to close your account


Will you take money from my bank account?

No, we'll never take money from your bank account. The inactive monthly fee will only be charged to the remaining balance in your CoinCorner account. Once you login to reactivate your account or the balance reaches zero, the monthly fee will no longer be charged.


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