How do I disable send confirmation emails?

Users are required to confirm any BTC withdrawals from their CoinCorner account by clicking a link in a send confirmation email delivered to the email address registered to their account. 


Once you have clicked the link in that email the transaction will be batched and broadcast to the network. While the confirmation link remains unclicked your transaction will be in a pending state and will remain in that state until the link is clicked or the transaction is cancelled. You can cancel a pending transaction by locating the transaction in your Dashboard and clicking the Cancel button, or by emailing


Disabling send confirmation emails

You can opt out of these send confirmation emails in the Notifications tab in your account settings, however this option will only be available to users who have Two-Factor Authentication enabled on their account. To opt out all you need to do is click the toggle alongside 'There is a BTC withdraw attempt' and then click the Update Settings button.


Once you have updated your settings you will no longer receive this email when sending BTC and your transaction will be batched and broadcast to the network after clicking Send on the Send page


You can find a guide on how to enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account here.


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