How do I update my mobile number?

We require users to have their current mobile number registered to their account in case we need to get in touch with them for two-factor authentication or account security purposes. 

Users can update their registered mobile on their account by following the steps below:


Step One: Go to your Account Settings

Make your way to the Settings page by clicking the cog icon in the top right of your account, or click here



Step Two: Enter your new mobile number

Enter your new number in the box provided in the Contact Details section and click Update. 



Step Three: Confirm the SMS code

Our system will send a code via SMS to the new mobile number you provided. Enter the code received in the box provided and click Confirm.



If the code entered is correct your number will be updated automatically by our system, if not you will receive an error message letting you know and will need to go through the process again to send a new code.

Our system automatically adds the country code based off your country of residence, so please ensure you do not enter a country code or a 0 before your number. A code will not be sent if the new number you enter is already in use by another account holder.


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