Adding new users to your business account

The administrator account of a CoinCorner business account has the ability to add new users to the account, allowing them to login and conduct activity on the account on behalf of the business. 

A guide on how to add new users to a business account can be found below:


Step One: Click Configure in the sidebar of your account



Step Two: Go in to the Multi-User tab



Step Three: Click the Create New User button



Step Four: Enter the details for the new user

Complete the text boxes with the new user's name and contact details. This email address and mobile number will be used to activate the new user's account.



Step Five: Choose the new user's permissions and create the account

Use the tick boxes to decide what pages and functionality the new user has access to, these can be updated by the admin account at any time. A guide on multi-user permissions can be found here

Click the Create New User button when done to add the user to the account.



The new user will then receive an email and SMS to the email address and mobile number entered in Step Four. They will need to login to their newly created account by clicking the link in that email, or by entering their email address and one-time password on the Login page.



The user will then be prompted to enter the SMS code sent to their mobile number and create a new password for their account. This will be the password they use to login to the business account going forward, and once it has been entered they can click the Submit button to complete the activation of their account.



The permissions of an additional user can be edited at any time by heading back to the Multi-User tab and clicking the '...' icon on the user you are looking to make changes to. Users can also be deactivated from here.


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