Setting up auto-withdrawals

Within your CoinCorner account there is functionality that allows you to set up a threshold that, when your GBP/EUR balance exceeds this, an automatic withdrawal request will be placed for your entire balance. 

This is optional functionality that can be turned on by following the steps below:


Step One: Go to the Configure tab



Step Two: Scroll down to the Auto Bank Withdrawal section and turn the toggle on



Step Three: Fill out the text boxes with your bank account details and click the Save Changes button*

The number you enter in the Withdrawal Threshold box will determine when your auto-withdrawal will be requested. Once the value of your GBP/EUR balance exceeds the amount entered in this box your withdrawal will be requested.


* Please note we can only process bank withdrawals to bank accounts that match the name of your CoinCorner account. GBP withdrawals can be processed to GBP accounts held at UK banks, and EUR withdrawals can be processed to any SEPA compatible EUR account.


Only one auto-withdrawal can be set up, so you will not be able to set this up for both GBP and EUR balances at present. This information can be edited whenever convenient, and these changes will be actioned as long as you click Save Changes.


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