Earning bitcoin cashback

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Users can take advantage of our bitcoin cashback service to earn bitcoin back on online purchases with a number of popular retailers. More information on how to earn bitcoin cashback can be found below.


You can find a full list of our cashback partners by clicking Earn Bitcoin in the sidebar of your account. Once on this page you can search for a specific retailer or product by using the search bar, and click the Shop button in the retailers box to be redirected to their website.



You can also download our browser extension to make the process even easier. Each time you visit one of our partner websites the extension will popup prompting you to activate cashback on any purchases with the click of a button.


After making a purchase via our website or browser extension it will need to be verified as a valid cashback order by the retailer. Once approved the retailer will payout the cashback to us in GBP/EUR, we will then convert that fiat to BTC using our rate at the time and credit that BTC to your CoinCorner BTC balance. Different retailers have different approval and payout times, so we will only be able to credit your BTC cashback once the retailer has sent the payout to us. You can click on the icon next to each retailer to see their cashback rates on different items. This will also show you their average cashback payment time if you scroll to the bottom of their page. 


Please also keep in mind that, if you click through to a website and then leave it without purchasing, the click through may not remain and therefore if you go back to the website and make an order it might not track. To be safe you should always click through to the retailer from our website or activate the browser extension to ensure your order is tracked as a valid cashback order by the retailer.


Received and pending cashback earnings, as well as information on pending and complete orders, can be found from the Cashback tab of your account settings.


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