How do I earn Bitcoin cashback?

Our Earn Bitcoin product allows users to earn sats back on online purchases, similar to more traditional cashback services. A guide on how to use our Bitcoin cashback service can be found below:


Step One: Login to your account



Step Two: Go to the Earn Bitcoin page



Step Three: Find the retailer you are looking for and click Shop

You can scroll through our list of retailers or you can use our Company/Product Search bar to search for a specific retailer. You can also narrow down the search using our filters by clicking Filter Offers



Step Four: Wait to be redirected and shop as normal

Once you are redirected to the retailers site you can shop as normal. You will receive an email from us letting you know if your order is a valid cashback order after completing the checkout process, if you don't receive that email then your order is not eligible for cashback. You can get in touch with our support team if you believe something has went wrong and your order is cashback eligible.



Your cashback order will need to be approved as a valid cashback order by both CoinCorner and the retailer. As long as you go through our website or use our browser extension your order should be a valid order on our side, but retailers will have different criteria that need to be met for an order to be valid on their side, for example some may only offer cashback for first time customers.

We receive a pay out from the retailer when our users make a purchase on their site, we then convert that pay out to Bitcoin upon receipt and credit the Bitcoin to your CoinCorner account.


What do I do if my order isn't approved?

Retailers may not pay out cashback for certain reasons, however sometimes orders aren't approved with no clear reason why. If you complete an order and do not receive the email confirming your cashback then you can email and, after getting some order information from you, they can request that the order be approved as an eligible cashback order. This request will be reviewed by the retailer and, if approved, your order will be made eligible to receive cashback rewards.


How do I install the browser extension?

Users can install our browser extension from the Earn Bitcoin page.


Click 'Download our extension' and you will be redirected to the web store for whatever browser you are using. Install the extension and you will get a popup any time you are on a website that you could earn cashback from.


Click the orange button to activate the extension so any purchases made during that session will be eligible for cashback rewards.


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