Funding your CoinCorner account

You can fund your account via bank transfer or debit/credit card. Both methods are typically instant, in the case of bank transfer only when you specify the correct reference number displayed to you on our website.

Please note that third party deposits are not permitted. All deposits must come from a bank account or card held in your own name.

Some more information on the funding methods available to you with CoinCorner can be found below.


Funding your account by bank transfer

Coinfloor users will be familiar with funding their account via bank transfer, and our bank transfer service will be very similar to what you are used to.

Click Deposit in the sidebar of your account to open up the Fund your account box. You will see three separate tabs for each of the deposit methods we offer, and you will be in the Bank tab by default. 

To fund your account via bank transfer all you need to do is choose the currency you will be depositing in from the dropdown box and instruct your bank to transfer funds to the bank details displayed on screen. We automatically credit incoming GBP bank deposits to user accounts as long as they arrive from an account in your own name and the reference matches the unique reference we provide on our site, however EUR bank deposits are manually credited by the team during our standard working hours.


CoinCorner, like Coinfloor, bank with Enumis Ltd and as such send and receive payments via the UK Faster Payments Service. GBP bank deposits can take up to two hours to arrive in our account, though typically we find it only takes a few minutes, and will be credited to your CoinCorner GBP balance upon receipt of the funds in our bank account. There is a fixed fee of £1.00 on GBP bank deposits regardless of the amount being transferred.

We can only accept EUR bank deposits sent via the SEPA payment network and as such they can take up to three working days to arrive with us, though typically they tend to arrive next day at the latest. There is no fee when depositing via EUR bank transfer.


Funding your account by debit card

Click Deposit in the sidebar of your account to open up the Fund your account box. You will see three separate tabs for each of the deposit methods we offer, go into the Card tab to deposit using your debit card.

Choose the currency you will be depositing in using the dropdown provided, enter your deposit amount in the box provided and, if happy to proceed, click Proceed to Deposit. Enter your card details in the boxes provided and click Complete to make your deposit, if successful the funds will be immediately added to your GBP/EUR balance and can be used to buy cryptocurrency on the Buy/Sell page.


There is a fixed 2.5% fee on card deposits, and we can only deposits from debit cards held in your own name. 


Auto buying Bitcoin

CoinCorner also offers users the ability to deposit by bank transfer and attach a specific reference to have the funds immediately used to buy Bitcoin when credited to your account. The fees associated with auto-buying Bitcoin are the same as a bank deposit and manual buy, and this service is only available for Bitcoin and not for other coins offered on our platform.

More information on our Auto Buy service can be found here.


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