How to Auto Buy with CoinCorner

Coinfloor users will be used to funding their account via bank transfer and with auto buying Bitcoin, and you can continue to do so as a new CoinCorner user.


How to Auto Buy Bitcoin

CoinCorner users can set up a Bitcoin auto-buy or recurring buy on their account by following the steps below:


Step One: Click Deposit in the sidebar of your account



Step Two: Go to the Auto Buy tab



Step Three: Send funds, with the reference we provide, to the details on screen

Any funds received with the reference we provide attached will be auto-credited to your CoinCorner account upon receipt and used to automatically buy Bitcoin.

You can set up a recurring buy by creating a standing order with your bank, and each deposit will be credited and used to auto buy Bitcoin when received in our account.



Please keep in mind that we can only accept deposits from accounts in your own name. Auto buy can only be set up for GBP bank deposits, and is only available for Bitcoin and not any other coins on our platform. The minimum auto buy amount is £5.00, and a full list of auto buy fees can be found here.


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