Migrating your account to CoinCorner

We at CoinCorner would like to welcome all Coinfloor customers that have decided to migrate their accounts over to our platform following the recent acquisition, it's great to have you onboard!


Once you have opted to migrate your account to CoinCorner, you will be redirected from the Coinfloor website to a landing page on our website. To complete the migration of your account, please then follow the following 3 simple steps

  1. Click the 'Create Password' link in the email you have received from us
  2. Create the password you will use for your CoinCorner account (please ensure this is unique from any other websites)
  3. Verify your mobile number

Once completed, your Coinfloor balances and data will be transferred across to us and your account ready for use.


Below you will find a more in-depth guide on this migration process, and if you have any questions at any point throughout the process then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team who are on hand during our standard working hours.


Step One: Agree to Novate on the Coinfloor website

Once you have agreed to novate your account on the Coinfloor website and you will be redirected to CoinCorner and faced with the page below. You will automatically be sent a welcome email that will allow you to create a new password for your CoinCorner account, and you can resend that email if required by clicking the Resend Email button.



Step Two: Create your CoinCorner password

Click the Create Password button in the welcome email and you'll be redirected to the CoinCorner website where you can choose the password for your new CoinCorner account. Choose your password, confirm you're not a robot, and then click Create Password.

This new password will need to meet the requirements below:

  • minimum 6 characters
  • contains at least one special character
  • contains at least one number
  • contains at least one upper case letter



Step Three: Verify your mobile number

We will send a one-time passcode (OTP) to the mobile number registered to your Coinfloor account via SMS as a form of two-factor authentication, enter the OTP in the box provided and click the Verify button. 

The last three digits of the mobile number we have sent your OTP to is stated on the page, if you no longer have access to this mobile number then please contact us. If the number displayed is still your mobile number and you aren't receiving the OTP you can resend it by clicking Resend Code, get in touch with our support team if there is still no sign of the SMS after resending. 




Once completed, your Coinfloor balances and data will be transferred across to us and your account ready for use.


We would strongly recommend at this point to setup two-factor authentication as it does act as a vital extra layer of security for your account. Please note this is optional however, and you can always set it up at a later date by following this guide.


Have any questions? Get in touch!

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