CoinCorner Products and Services

CoinCorner and Coinfloor have always shared a similar vision for Bitcoin and here at CoinCorner you will have the ability to trade it 24/7, as well as benefiting from some other additional products and services not previously available to you at Coinfloor.


Exchange Services

Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin is available 24/7 via our mobile app or website.

You can funds your account by way of bank transfer (GBP: UK Faster Payment System, CHAPS. EUR: SEPA), debit/credit card or by depositing Bitcoin.


Lightning Network

CoinCorner were one of the first exchanges worldwide to implement the Lightning Network to our platform, and as such our users benefit from zero fee, almost immediate settlement of Bitcoin transactions (both incoming and outgoing) sent via Lightning. 

You can find a guide on how to send/receive Bitcoin via Lightning here.


Earn Bitcoin (cashback)

Back in June 2020 CoinCorner launched the UK's first Bitcoin cashback service allowing you to earn Bitcoin for completing purchases online with one of our 1,000+ partners, to include brand names such as Currys PC World, Boots,, Vodafone and Schuh.

The easiest way to use this service is by downloading our browser extension, which notifies you how much cashback you can receive on qualifying purchases whenever you visit one of our partner websites. Our browser extensions are available for Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave and Android Yanex. Alternatively, you can access our partner websites via links in the 'Earn Bitcoin' area within your CoinCorner Dashboard.

More information on our Bitcoin cashback service can be found here, and a guide on how to use this service here.


CoinCorner Checkout

CoinCorner Checkout allows businesses to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, without exposure to price volatility if they choose to instantly convert to GBP or EUR.

CoinCorner Checkout can be integrated into a website, downloaded onto your mobile and used as a POS device or you can invoice clients from within the CoinCorner Dashboard.

You can find more information on CoinCorner Checkout here.


Coming Soon...

We have a number of exciting new products that we hope to roll out before the end of the year, to include debit cards and digital payment accounts. It's an exciting time to be a CoinCorner customer, and we hope you enjoy all of the extra products that are now and will shortly become available to you.


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