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**Please note that due to regulatory changes in the United Kingdom the below scheme will cease to run from 1st October 2023.**


CoinCorner users can refer a friend or family member to our services, and both the referrer and the referred user will receive a £10.00 bonus once the referred person has traded £/€100.00 on their account.


Where do I find my affiliate link?

You can find your CoinCorner affiliate link on the Affiliate page, and this can be located by clicking Refer a Friend from your account dropdown at the top of the page or in the sidebar of your account.



Users can choose whether to use our new and improved referral scheme, or use the legacy scheme which still works despite being superseded.


Creating your affiliate link

To create an affiliate link using the new method you will need to enter your name and social media handle in the boxes provided, and a user image. Click Create Page and your affiliate page application will be sent to our team for approval, and once approved you'll be provided with an affiliate link in this area.


Send that link to the person you are referring and, once they sign up through that link, your accounts will be linked and bonuses will be applied when the trading threshold is reached.


To create an affiliate link using the legacy method you will need to head to the same page. On the right hand side of the page you will see a section titled Affiliate Details. This section will contain a pre-filled, non-editable affiliate ID and affiliate link.


Send the link to the person you're referring and you'll both receive the £10.00 bonus when they've traded £/€100.00 after signing up through your link. 


When do I receive my affiliate bonus?

Both you and the referred user will receive the £10.00 affiliate bonus once the referred user has traded £/€100.00 on the platform, this can be in one trade or a cumulative total.

Please note that our system automatically credits the affiliate bonus each morning, so please wait 24 hours from the trade threshold being met for the bonus to be credited to you and the referred user.


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