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Dual sign off is a security function that requires two people from a business to complete a payment from an account. A payment will be processed from the account when one person from the business creates the payment request and another authorises this request from within the account dashboard.  


Business account holders are now able to enable dual sign off on their CoinCorner account as an added layer of security when making changes to limits/thresholds and making payments.

With dual sign off enabled certain actions will require authorisation from designated individuals on the account, and authorisation permission can be granted by the account administrator from within the Multi-User area of your account.


Enabling dual sign off on payments

Dual sign off can be enabled on bitcoin and fiat withdrawals from the Payment Limits box on the Payments page of your account settings. 



To enable dual sign off all you need to do is choose a payment limit, by entering it in the box provided, and click Save Changes. Any payment that is done on the account that exceeds the amount you enter in this box will require authorisation from another user with the 'Payment Options' permission. 

Please keep in mind that this limit impacts all withdrawals from your account, including automated withdrawals via the API. If you regularly withdraw via the API then you may want to choose a limit with this in mind to prevent any automated withdrawals being stuck waiting for authorisation.

To enable dual sign off there will need to be at least one multi-user with the 'Approve Payments' and 'Payment Options' permissions on the account, these can be two different users or the same user. If there isn't a user with the relevant permissions set up then there will be no option to enable dual sign off until this has been addressed.


Enabling dual sign off on withdrawal limits

You can enable dual sign off on your 24hr BTC Withdrawal Limit (via the API) from the Payments box on the Payments page of your account settings. This limit determines the maximum amount of BTC that can be withdrawn from the account over a rolling 24 hour period, and requires at least one multi-user with the 'Manage 24hr BTC Withdrawal Limit (via API)' permission on their account.



Similar to the dual sign off limit, to enable this you just need to enter the suggested limit, click the Protect with dual sign off button and then Save Changes in the popup box. 

After setting up dual sign off, or making any future changes to either of above, an email will be sent out to all users with the ability to approve the change prompting them to login and authorise it.



Changing or adding multi-user permissions

To enable dual sign off there will need to be a multi-user with the 'Payment Options' or 'Manage 24hr BTC Withdrawal Limit (via API)' permission active on their account. The account administrator can give a multi-user this permission when creating the user for the first time, or by changing an existing user's permissions by clicking the '...' for the corresponding user on the Multi-User page and choosing Edit.



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