Network Congestion

When a bitcoin transaction is sent it is transferred into the mempool (memory pool) where it waits to be confirmed by miners before actually being sent. Normally this doesn't take too long, but at times there is a sharp increase in activity on the blockchain which can result in the mempool becoming congested with unconfirmed transactions. 

During times like these users may find that their transactions are taking longer than usual to be confirmed and this may cause them to worry. We can guarantee you that this is completely normal during times of high transaction activity and that your transaction will be processed in time. To see the amount of unconfirmed transactions on the network at this time, click here

We ask you be patient when your transaction is being sent during times of high activity and if your transaction is still unconfirmed 24 hours after you sent it then please feel free to contact and they will assist in any way they can.


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