I'm not receiving my SMS verification code

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Users are able to buy, sell and receive BTC before being required to verify their mobile number, however your mobile number must be verified before you are able to withdraw BTC from your CoinCorner account.


If you are not receiving your code then the issue may be with the following:


Country code entered when registering

Your country code is automatically added to your number when sending your SMS code. As this is the case, we do not require you to add your country code when entering your number on the Registration page.

Incorrect country code

Your country code is automatically added to your number depending on the country that you select as your 'Country of Residence'. This can not be changed unless you email our Support team letting them know why you require your SMS to be sent to a number that differs from the country in which you reside.

Incorrect number format

We require your number to be entered in the correct format for your code to be successfully sent. Please ensure the number you enter is in a numeric format, and no other characters are entered.

Correct format: 123456789

Incorrect formats: +44123456789, 123-456-789

Number already registered to another account

Only one account is permitted per user. If you enter a number that is already registered to another account when registering then your code will not be sent. If this is the case, please login to your existing account and continue your activity through there.


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