Buying bitcoin

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CoinCorner users are able to buy bitcoin using their GBP or EUR balances in their account on the Exchange page. More information on how to buy bitcoin on your account can be found below.


You will first need to go into the Exchange tab in the sidebar of your account where you will be in the Buy tab by default. 


Choose the currency you are looking to buy with and fill out the Amount field, the other box will autofill once you've entered an amount in one. Keep in mind that the amounts in these boxes will not take the buy fee into account.

A full breakdown of the transaction, including price and fees, will show on the right hand side of the page. This will display the price you're buying at, the fee you'll be subject to and the BTC amount you will receive in your BTC balance after the transaction has been completed.  

Once you've checked the transaction breakdown if you're happy to proceed with the trade then click the Buy BTC button. The trade will be completed instantly and your balances will be updated accordingly.


Fees and limits

The fees and limits associated with buying bitcoin are below:

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