How do I send Bitcoin?

We understand that some users would rather take the storage of their funds into their own hands, so CoinCorner users can send their Bitcoin balance from their CoinCorner wallet to any other valid Bitcoin wallet address by following the steps below:


Sending Bitcoin on the website

CoinCorner users can send their Bitcoin to a different wallet either on our website or on our mobile app, the process for sending Bitcoin on the website is as follows:


Step One: Login to your account

Click here to go to our login page, or here to sign up.



Step Two: Go to the Send/Receive page

Make your way to the Send/Receive page. You can send Bitcoin to any valid Bitcoin wallet address, however you cannot send from your CoinCorner wallet to any other types or wallets or payment protocol URLs.



Step Three: Fill out the fields on the Send page

Enter the recipient wallet address or Lightning invoice in the 'Recipient' box, we would always recommend users copy and paste addresses/invoices to avoid any transcription errors. This address can be saved to your Address Book by ticking the box below and creating a New Address Book Label.

Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send in the 'Amount' box. Please note that our BTC withdrawal fee will need to be taken into account before sending or you will be returned an 'Insufficient Funds' error. Tick the box if you would like to provide a reference for this withdrawal which can be viewed in your Dashboard once the transaction has been processed.

Check the information entered and, if happy to proceed, click 'Send BTC'.



Sending Bitcoin on the mobile app

The CoinCorner app can be downloaded from both the iOS and Android app stores. The process for sending Bitcoin using the app is as follows:


Step One: Login to the mobile app

Login to the mobile app with your usual details, if you have forgotten your 4 digit passcode you can find out how to reset it here.


Step Two: Go to the Send & Receive tab

Make your way to the Send & Receive tab by tapping the icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen.


Step Three: Complete your Send

You will automatically be in the Send tab. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send by tapping 0.00000000 and typing the amount. 

Enter the receiving wallet address by tapping Enter Bitcoin Address, or scan a QR code by tapping the camera icon. 

Check the total you are sending, making sure you are taking the 0.0005 BTC network transaction fee into account. When happy tap the Send button.


Send Fees and Limits

Fee Minimum Maximum
Variable* Variable** No limit

* depending on network congestion

** depending on network transaction fee


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