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We understand that some users would rather take the storage of their BTC into their own hands, so you can withdraw your bitcoin from your CoinCorner account to another wallet on the Send & Receive page, or from your Bitcoin / BTC account on the Accounts page.


Click Send & Receive in the sidebar of your account, and you'll be in the Send tab of the Send/Receive page by default.




Enter the wallet address you are sending to in the Recipient box. You can also raise a Lightning invoice with the receiving wallet and paste that invoice in to the Recipient field to send via the Lightning Network. 

Enter the amount of BTC you are wanting to send in the Amount field. You can see the fee that will be taken below that box, and if you're happy to proceed you will need to click the Send button.


We will send an email like the one below, containing a link for you to click to confirm the withdrawal (you can elect to turn this extra security step off if you wish by going to 'Settings > Security' on the webpage).


Once that confirmation link has been clicked we will process the transaction. We batch user transactions into groups before broadcasting them to the network, so your transaction may take up to 15 minutes to be sent. 

Some larger withdrawals may also be held up while our team conduct a quick security call with you to check everything is in order.


Fees and limits

The fees and limits associated with sending bitcoin are below:

Fee Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal

Variable depending on withdrawal fee 



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