Receiving bitcoin

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Users are provided with a CoinCorner receiving wallet address that can be used to transfer bitcoin held elsewhere to your CoinCorner account. More information on receiving BTC to your account can be found below.


Click Send & Receive in the sidebar of your account and go into the Receive tab. You will be able to generate your receiving wallet address here, and once generated this is where you can find your address in both QR code and text format. 



You can toggle between your receiving wallet address and creating a Lightning invoice by clicking the Bitcoin logo and lightning bolt buttons. To create a Lightning invoice all you need to do is choose an amount of sats and click Submit and the invoice will be provided on-screen as both a QR code and a text invoice.


For larger bitcoin deposits you may be asked by our team to provide us with enhanced due diligence regarding the deposit, and they'll get in touch via email if this is required.


Fees and limits

There are no fees or limits involved with receiving BTC deposits in to your CoinCorner account.


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