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You can find short guides on how to update certain aspects of your account below. Users are able to change their registered address and mobile number from within their account, and can update their registered email address by emailing our support team.


Updating your address

You can update the address on your account by clicking the Edit Address button on the Settings page


Enter your new address in the fields provided, then upload a proof of address document for this address. The team will take a look and, once approved, update the address details on your account.



Updating your mobile number

Your mobile number can also be updated from the Settings page. The number currently registered to your account can be seen in the Contact Details box, simply replace the number in that box with your new mobile number to and click Update.


Our system will send a code via SMS to your new number, and all you need to do is enter that code in the box provided to confirm the update of your number. 

The country code is fixed depending on your country of residence, if this needs updated then please let our support team know.


Updating your email address

You can't update your registered email address via the website, instead you'll need to get in touch with our support team by emailing support@coincorner.com to do this for you. Please do this from the email address currently registered to your account if possible.

The team will send you a security code by SMS to verify the request is coming from the account holder, and once you return that code in a response to their email they will update the registered email on your account for you. 


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