Sending and receiving via Lightning

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Users can send and receive BTC to/from their CoinCorner account via the Lightning Network, a second-layer technology built on top of the Bitcoin network, instantly and with no fees from the Send & Receive page. More information can be found below.


Sending via Lightning

To send bitcoin you will need to go into the Send & Receive tab in the sidebar of your account, and you'll be in the Send tab by default. 

You will then need to raise a Lightning invoice for a specific amount of sats with the receiving wallet and paste that invoice into the Recipient field. If the invoice is a valid Lightning invoice then you will see a Lightning bolt image appear in the box.



The amount section will automatically populate with the invoiced amount of sats, and there will be no withdrawal fee as Lightning withdrawals are free. When happy to proceed with the withdrawal click the Send button and approve the transaction by email if required.


Receiving via Lightning

To receive bitcoin you will need to go into the Send & Receive tab in the sidebar of your account, and click into the Receive tab. 

Click the Lightning bolt tab to receive bitcoin via Lightning rather than on-chain. Enter the amount of sats you want to receive in the Sats box, and an optional description for the payment in the second box if required. Click Submit to raise the invoice.



An invoice will appear on the screen. The remitter can either scan the QR code or copy and paste the invoice into their wallet to pay, and the funds should reflect in your CoinCorner BTC balance almost immediately if the payment was made successfully. 




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