What is CoinCorner Checkout?

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CoinCorner business account holders have the ability to accept Bitcoin payments for their products or services by integrating our BTC checkout service, CoinCorner Checkout.


Accept Bitcoin via CoinCorner Checkout

CoinCorner Checkout allows CoinCorner business account holders to accept Bitcoin payments for their goods or services through a website plugin that can be downloaded from their account. Integrating CoinCorner Checkout also allows users to accept point of sale payments through our checkout app, this is available on both the iOS and Android app stores.

CoinCorner Checkout is available for sites that use:

  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • OsCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • NopCommerce
  • Zen Cart


Why use CoinCorner Checkout?

Free and Easy to Use

Installing our plugin to your checkout process will allow your business to seamlessly accept Bitcoin payments. Your customers will be shown a QR code which they can scan to pay for your goods or services in Bitcoin, once payment has been completed the funds will show in your CoinCorner business account balance in either BTC or GBP/EUR depending on your settlement configuration. Exposure to the Bitcoin price volatility is removed by locking in the price at the time of purchase for 10 minutes, and integration is completely free.


Order History

A full Order History can be found in the Orders tab on the Checkout page, this will show all orders received via CoinCorner Checkout. In your Order History you will see the date and time of the order, the order ID, the item purchased, amount purchased for and the order status (completed, expired, cancelled). Clicking into an order using the '...' and selecting View Info will also give more information including the BTC amount and remitting wallet address.


Create Invoices

If you don't have a website that accepts payments you can still use CoinCorner Checkout to receive payment in Bitcoin. You can create invoices in your account that can be sent via email for your customer to pay, or generate an invoice via a link that takes the customer to CoinCorner Checkout to pay.


Create Checkout Buttons

You can also create checkout buttons in your CoinCorner account that can be used on your site to redirect your users to the payment screen. All you need to do is enter the item information and URLs we ask for in the Payment Buttons tab and click a button to create your checkout button.


Process Refunds

You can process refunds on a purchase within a few clicks in your CoinCorner merchant area by clicking the '...' and selecting Refund from a complete order in your Order History. Refunds will be processed back to a customer in Bitcoin at the current price at the time of the refund. Customers may receive a different amount of Bitcoin than they originally sent due to movements in the price, but the fiat value will always be the same. The refund process is completely free for you as a CoinCorner business account holder, we cover all the fees for you.


A full guide on how to register for a CoinCorner business account can be found here.


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