Paying a CoinCorner Checkout invoice

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When paying a Bitcoin invoice with a merchant using CoinCorner Checkout you will be sent an invoice either via email or via a link. The process for paying a CoinCorner Checkout invoice can be found below:


Click the link provided by the merchant, or open the email and click the Pay Invoice button.



The invoice will contain a payment address/invoice in both QR code and text format. The invoice will default to being paid via the Lightning Network, but you can toggle between paying via Lightning or on-chain by clicking the Bitcoin logo and lightning bolt buttons.



Scan the QR code or copy and paste the wallet address/Lightning invoice in to the Send page on the wallet you're paying from. If scanning the QR code or pasting the Lightning invoice in then it will auto-fill the fields on the Send page for you. If you are paying on-chain then you will need to copy the bitcoin amount from the invoice and paste it in to the Send page, be sure to account for any withdrawal fees from your wallet provider to ensure you are paying in full.


If the payment is successful you will receive a tick and a message on screen confirming this.



Invoices are valid for 10 minutes, so as long as you transfer the funds within that time frame your payment should go through without any issues and will be received by the merchant. 


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