The Bolt Card

We at CoinCorner are excited to announce the release of a brand new product, the Bolt Card. This product has been requested by a large number of users and is the result of months of work by our team so we hope you enjoy using it! 


What is The Bolt Card?

The Bolt Card is a contactless payment card which is powered by Near-field Communication (NFC), the Bitcoin Lightning Network and LNURL. It works in a similar way to your standard debit card held with your bank. Once linked to a CoinCorner account users can tap their card on a point of sale device that is displaying a Lightning invoice and the payment is made instantly across the Lightning Network in the background and deducted from your CoinCorner balance. 

You can also use the Bolt Card as a gift card. Gifting bitcoin to a friend or family member with a simple tap. Top the Bolt Card up with some sats from your account, give the card to the recipient and they can sweep the bitcoin on that card to their own Lightning wallet, provided it has LNURLw compatibility (the majority of major wallets now have this).



Can I use the Bolt Card without a CoinCorner account?

The Bolt Card was designed to be used in conjunction with a CoinCorner account, where it can draw directly from your bitcoin balance to make instant, contactless payments over the Lightning Network. In order to benefit from the full functionality of the card you’ll need to make sure you live in a territory that is currently supported by CoinCorner, which are listed here. 

The Bolt Card is available for sale worldwide, including to countries that we do not currently support. We have designed the card to be interoperable with current industry protocols, namely Lightning and LNURL and the interoperability of the card will continue to improve, allowing it to be used with other wallet providers in future. Some people also wish to buy the Bolt Card designs as collectibles.    

If you want to go non-custodial, here is an article explaining how to make your own self-sovereign, self-custodial, contactless payment card to pay with Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. Alternatively you can use other custodial services like or lnbits to try the card out until your favourite wallet becomes compatible. This short video shows the card working with We do not endorse any of these options and have no affiliation with them, so please try them at your own risk. 


If you have any other questions, about the Bolt Card or anything else CoinCorner please get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help. 

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