The Bolt Card

We at CoinCorner are excited to announce the release of a brand new product, The Bolt Card. This product has been requested by a large number of users and is the result of months of work by our team so we hope you enjoy using it! Below is some more information on The Bolt Card, and if you have any other questions then don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.


What is The Bolt Card?

The Bolt Card is a contactless Lightning card which is powered by NFC and the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It can work in a similar way to your standard debit card held with your bank, or it can be used similar to a gift card to transfer Bitcoin to family or friends.

Using a standard NFC card, along with the Bitcoin Lightning Network and LNURL, The Bolt Card allows users to tap their card on a point of sale device that is displaying a Lightning invoice and the payment is made across the Lightning Network in the background. 


What can I do with The Bolt Card?

You can use your Bolt Card in one of two ways, the first of which is similar to the way you use the debit card you hold with your bank, but this is only available for CoinCorner customers. You can use the CoinCorner app to connect your Bolt Card to your CoinCorner account and use it pay for goods or services as you would with your debit card, and your CoinCorner balance will be deducted with each payment.


You can also use The Bolt Card as more a gift card, gifting Bitcoin to a friend or family member with a simple tap. Choose one of our 14 card designs on the CoinCorner app and tap The Bolt Card against your phone to top it up, give the card to the recipient and they can sweep the Bitcoin on that card to their own Lightning wallet by doing the same.


Is The Bolt Card compatible with other payment gateways/wallets?

The Bolt Card is compatible within current industry protocols, namely Lightning and LNURL, which means it's easy for other payment gateways to introduce the NFC capability to interact with The Bolt Card.


You do not have to be a CoinCorner customer to have a Bolt Card, but the debit card functionality of the card is only available for CoinCorner customers. You can register for a free account here if you're not already a user.


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