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Coinfloor transaction history


Following CoinCorner's acquisition of Coinfloor back in October 2021 all active accounts will have been migrated across to our platform unless the user themselves chose to close the account instead at the time.

Your Coinfloor balances will have been migrated across to your CoinCorner account if you had one and will be visible in the sidebar of your account, as well as a record of this balance transfer that will show on your Dashboard

There will be some information that won't be visible in your CoinCorner account though, most notably records of any trades or activity conducted on Coinfloor's platform before the migration.


How do I see my Coinfloor transactions?

Unfortunately your Coinfloor history won't be visible from within your CoinCorner account, but you can still find this information. 

Coinfloor sent full account activity exports to all users who had conducted transactions on their Coinfloor account before the migration. These exports will have been sent to the email address that was registered to your Coinfloor account at the time of your account's migration to CoinCorner (or closure of your Coinfloor account if that option was selected). 

Accounts were migrated across to our platform in October 2021, so please check your emails for that month for an email from Coinfloor containing some account exports in CSV format.


If you can't find the email containing the exports then please get in touch with our support team who will be happy to help if they can. 


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