How do I get an eMoney account?

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Any verified CoinCorner customer can easily open an eMoney account with us, without having to complete any further verification. The steps to follow to do so are below.

On the 'Accounts' page click on either the 'Receive' tab on the right hand side or the 'Deposit now' tab on the bottom left hand side:


You will then be presented with the below pop up:


Simply click on the 'Create account' button, and that's it! You now have your very own CoinCorner eMoney account* and will be provided with your unique account number and sort code. You can then make payments directly from your bank to those account details. You will also be able to send GBP to any account in your own name. At present payments can only be made to and from accounts in your own name but we will be adding third-party payments soon. 

If you wish to select a Euro account, ensure you have EUR as a selected currency and then select it from the dropdown on the pop-up above.


All eMoney accounts will require Two-Factor Authentication to be set up. 


Have any questions? Get in touch!


*CoinCorner eMoney accounts are provided in partnership with Modulr. You can read more detail on Modulr in our Terms of Use




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