Depositing by debit card

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Users can fund their CoinCorner account by debit card or bank transfer. Any funds deposited by card will be immediately credited to your account once successful and can be used to buy bitcoin straight away. 


To fund your account with your debit card you will need to click Deposit in the sidebar of your account and head into the Card tab of the popup box. Enter the amount you are wanting to deposit in the box and click Proceed to Deposit.



Enter your card details in the boxes provided and click Pay Now to complete the payment. You can store the payment details for future use by ticking the box before advancing. 



We can only accept card deposits from cards that state your own name, so please don't try and deposit from a card in someone else's name. 


Fees and limits

The fees and limits associated with depositing by card are below:

Fee Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit



Variable depending on account limit. This will be stated in your account.


If depositing by card isn't for you then you can find a guide on depositing by bank transfer here.


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