How to deposit by credit/debit card

Funding your account by credit/debit card is quick and easy, with the funds appearing in your account immediately if your deposit was successful. The process for depositing using your card is below:


Step One: Choose to deposit by credit/debit card

Go to our Deposits page and choose to deposit using your credit/debit card. You can change the currency you want to deposit in using the GBP/EUR dropdown box.



Step Two: Enter the amount you want to deposit

Enter the amount you want to deposit in the box on the 'Your GBP/EUR Deposit' page and click 'Proceed to Deposit'. You can see the amount that will be taken in fees in the same box, and your daily and monthly limits can be found in the 'Limits' box to the right.



Step Three: Enter card details

Enter your details as they appear on your credit/debit card and click 'Pay Now'. You will be notified if your deposit was successful or unsuccessful. If successful then your GBP/EUR balance will have been automatically credited with your funds, go and check 'My Balances' in the sidebar of your account.



Card deposit administration fees and limits

Time Admin Fee Minimum Maximum


2.5% on deposits under £/€2000



* dependent on daily deposit limit


Note: 3D Secure is a mandatory requirement on all card deposits on our site. If you aren't sure if you are enrolled in a 3D Secure scheme you can check with your bank.


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