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Depositing by bank transfer

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To fund your account by bank transfer click either the Deposit now button at the bottom left of the main webpage or the Receive button on the right hand side when GBP is selected. If you haven't previously set one up you will be provided with the option to create an eMoney account. We recommend doing so as this will provide you with a unique account in your own name linked to your CoinCorner account. Simply click on the 'Create account' button and one will be instantly created for you. If you wish to open a Euro denominated account please ensure you have Euro as a selected currency on the Settings page and then select Euro on the dropdown menu. 


You will then be shown your unique account number and sort code, which can be set up as a new beneficiary at your sending bank. 


If you do not wish to create an eMoney account. The details for GBP deposits are noted below. Please note that if depositing without an eMoney account you will need to include your unique reference number as shown in order for the payment to reach your CoinCorner account. 


We can only credit bank deposits to personal accounts if the funds arrive from a personal bank account in your name. Please don't deposit from a third party or business bank account if funding a personal CoinCorner account.


Fees and limits

The fees and limits associated with depositing by bank transfer are below:


How long does it take for my deposit to arrive?

The time taken for your deposit to arrive will depend on the currency you are depositing in.

We use GBP Faster Payments, so any funds sent via GBP bank transfer should arrive with us within a few minutes. GBP bank deposits will be auto-credited to your account (requires correctly stated reference for non eMoney accounts). The main reasons why a deposit wouldn't auto-credit are missing reference (non eMoney), or account name mismatch, either because this has come from a third party account or your name may be stated differently on the sending account to what we have. If you're deposit doesn't auto-credit please contact our support team who will look into this for you. When doing so please provide what detail you can, such as deposit amount and time sent, to assist us in locating the funds.

We can only accept EUR bank deposits sent via SEPA, and SEPA transfers can take between 1 and 3 working days to arrive. EUR bank transfers will be credited to your account by the team manually upon receipt. 


If you're looking to deposit by debit card instead then you can find information on that deposit method here


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