Withdrawing by bank transfer

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Users can withdraw their fiat balance back to their bank account via both GBP and EUR bank transfer. A withdrawal request will need to be submitted on the website or mobile app, and our team will process it for you the same working day as long as the request is received within our standard business hours.


To request a withdrawal you will need to have a GBP/EUR balance in your account. If you do then you can go to the relevant account (GBP or EUR) by changing the dropdown on the Accounts page and request your withdrawal by clicking the Send button.




Enter your bank details in the boxes provided in the popup and click the Withdraw button to request the withdrawal. The funds will be removed from your GBP/EUR balance and your request will be sent to our team.

The team process bank withdrawals regularly throughout the day, and you'll receive an email confirmation when your request has been processed. 


Fees and limits

The fees and limits associated with withdrawing funds via bank transfer are below:

Fee Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal







How long does it take for my withdrawal to arrive?

You'll receive an automated email confirmation when your withdrawal has been processed, then the time taken for the funds to reflect in your account depends on the currency you're withdrawing.

We use GBP Faster Payments for GBP withdrawals, so after being processed the funds should arrive with you within a few minutes

We can only process EUR withdrawals via the SEPA payment network, so these can take up to three working days to reflect in your account.


The only other withdrawal option available is the withdrawal of a bitcoin balance to a different wallet. More information on withdrawing bitcoin from your account can be found here.


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