Reasons for document rejection

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To make sure you have the best chances of your verification documents being accepted first time make sure that any document you upload meets the below criteria:

  • is a high resolution colour scan/image
  • has an expiration date and is valid (proof of identity), or issue date within the last 6 months (proof of address)
  • contains all necessary information for the proof you are uploading
  • is written in Latin characters
  • is an allowed file type extension (jpeg, jpg, png or pdf)
  • is at least 98KB and at most 3MB
  • is at least 350 x 350px and at most 4096 x 4096px


Common reasons for document rejection

Our Account Review team will email you and let you know the reason why any rejected documents couldn't be accepted, but some of the more common reasons are below:

  • Details not matching
    • The information on the document you upload must match the information you entered when registering. Please ensure the name on your account matches the name on your proof of identity document, and the address you enter is the current address stated on your address document. 
  • Not an acceptable document
    • A full list of documents that we can accept for proof of identity and proof of address can be found here. Any documents that are uploaded that are not mentioned in that list will likely not be accepted.
  • Cropped image
    • Our team will require the full document to be visible in any upload, so please make sure any uploads contain all 4 corners of the document. An image that cuts off large portions of the document, or a document that has been folded over for example, won't be accepted.
  • Screenshot/copy of a copy
    • We can't accept screenshots, so please don't upload a screenshot of a document on your camera roll or a screenshot of your bank statement from your online banking. We'll need the actual image/file to be uploaded, or a downloaded e-statement/bill that is in PDF format.
  • Image quality
    • Please ensure any document uploaded is good quality. Our team will need to be able to clearly read all the necessary information on the document, as well as make out the picture on it if it's a proof of identity document. 

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